Tick Tock Toybox is a game I worked on for my capstone at DePaul University as a 3D artist and designer.  The design process was very collaborative, with each member of our team contributing to the games overall design and aesthetic.  It is a game where two players go head to head by putting themselves in the place of two children playing war with toys.

The game is turn based strategy with the objective of capturing the other player's flag.  The player does this by purchasing and controlling toy soldiers with unique stats and abilities.

Tick Tock Toybox is not a standard turn based strategy, however.  The twist is that instead of using a grid system like many modern TBS's do, we decided to make it so that each unit has a certain amount of time it's allowed to act for.  Once a unit runs out of time, it can no longer move.  In addition, the player only has 60 seconds to complete his turn else he forfeits using any units that haven't moved yet.


Each player starts with a set amount of cash or "allowance" at the beginning of the game which they use to purchase units.  The player then gains an advantage by capturing and holding coins placed around the battlefield.  Each coin held by a player adds to the amount of allowance they have to spend each turn.

The game ends once one player has captured the enemy's flag two times.